About us

The Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission was established by the Securities Industry Act 1995 to regulate the securities market in Trinidad and Tobago. Through its services to the public the Commission provides protection to investors from unfair, improper and fraudulent practices, and fosters fair and efficient capital markets and confidence in their integrity.

A security is an investment instrument used to generate wealth. Some examples of securities are stocks, shares, mutual funds and treasury bills. The securities market, therefore, is the “market” where securities are bought and sold or traded.

The Commission as the regulator for the securities market in Trinidad and Tobago oversees the persons and entities which operate in the local securities market. These include the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, brokers, dealers and investment advisors.

The Commission officially opened its doors on May 02, 1997 with a total staff of two (including the Chairman). Today, the staff complement has expanded significantly to sixty (60) employees who contribute to the following Divisions and Units: Legal Advisory and Enforcement; Market Regulation and Surveillance; Disclosure, Registration and Corporate Finance; Policy Research and Planning; Corporate Services; Human Resource Management; Communications; and Information Management.

For more information, please call  868-624-2991 or visit http://www.ttsec.org.tt.


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